A Typical Troop Meeting

Wonder what a typical Trail Life Meeting is like?

Typically, there are many boys who come early. When they do, they meet out on the playground to spend time with their troop friends burning off some energy! That way they are ready to learn when we get the meeting started!

Mondays at 7 pm, Troop TX-0002 will meet inside the 1st floor of the youth building at Fairfield Baptist Church in Cypress, Texas.. 

We start the meeting with the entire troop. We first present and post the colors (flags). Then cite the Trailman Oath:

Then our troop chaplain will lead us in a prayer and the leaders will give relevant announcements such as events and goals.

We will then break up into patrols: Fox (K-1), Hawks (2-3), Mountain Lions (4-5), Navigators (6-8), and Adventurers (9-12). 

In these patrol meetings the trail guide will lead the boys in the branch lesson for the day and incorporate games, songs, and activities that emphasize the lessons being taught.

Here is an example of a fun night we had learning about the Fruits of Spirit from our Values Branch.


Here are our boys playing a fun game of taking orders


Once we finish with the lesson around 7:55 pm, we will meet back as a troop with any closing announcements. We will say a prayer and conclude our meeting. More often than not the boys will than continue fellowshipping and playing with each outside. Many times even the girls from American Heritage Girls (AHG) Troop TX-0002 will finish around the same time and will join in!

We have parents who have children in both the Trail Life USA scout troop and in the American Heritage Girl troop. We try to align our meetings and schedules to be convenient for parents.

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